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Infinite Visions TarotInfinite Visions Tarot

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Infinite Visions Tarot designs were completed in December of 2009.

Infinite Visions Tarot is a hand-made, self published tarot deck by tarot enthusist and artist Gloria Jean.

With the addition of the Dark Priestess and the Dark Magician it has 80 cards and is the perfect deck for both the beginner and the professional tarot card reader. The images were created digitally as a collage deck using the fine art of the old masters.

The minor arcana are just as detailed and stunning as the Major Arcana and are divided into four suits. These suits are the wands, swords, pentacles and cups. Each suit is numbered from one to ten and has four court cards, which are the Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The deck includes a little book with bits of advice for each card and instructions on doing a one card reading. Other more elaborate and specific card meanings can be found on this website, but it is still a work in progress.

Only a limited number of these decks can be created per month. It is unknown how long they will be available for sale.

The printed images compared to the images on a compute screen will not be exactly the same, as the printed cards and may be lighter or darker than what you see published here. Originally they were created to be darker than they appear on some screens.

If you would like one of these special hand crafted tarot decks, you can order from this website using Pay Pal. You can order with your credit card on Pay Pal without having a pay pal account.

The cards are printed with special smudge proof, fade proof ink. They shuffle nicely and lay flat. They are cut with the corners rounded at 1/8" radius.  

The decks come with a little white book written by Gloria Jean, which will be inside the hand made box. Each deck also comes with a numbered, signed certificate of authenticity.

Tarot: A Language of Images

In the vast world of the subconscious there really is no spoken language, but there are shapes, colors, images, feelings, perceptions, and symbols. Tarot cards are depictions of familiar images and symbols that register meaning in our subconscious mind, and can speak to our more conscious awareness as we associate them with our daily lives. These images and symbols seem to have meanings according to our experience as the observer. This is one of the reasons that every tarot card reader soon developes a personal system for reading the cards.

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