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Predicting Outcomes of Games, Races and Elections.

A Tarot Experiment, attempting to answer the questions: Can the Winners be predicted with the Tarot? If so, how is it done? How accurate can it be? How does it work?

How mysterious is the Tarot? Have you ever wondered how the cards seem to reveal information that has not quite come to light in your own conscious life? Do you ever get the feeling you are simply communicating with yourself when you read the cards? I believe that may be the case in a lot of readings, and that a reader is primarily communicating with their own higher mind or their our own subconscious. When you read for just yourself, you may be accessing information within your own personal sphere of awareness that some people (including me) call the “higher self.”

In Robert Scheinfeld’s book “The Invisible Path to Success” he describes this higher self as “The director.” This director has access to much more information than our human conscious mind, and manages the details of our personal life experiences on earth.

So, just how much information is available through this source, and what kind of information may we get? Is it limited or unlimited?

These are pretty intense questions and I am exploring them for a practical and somewhat simple or even silly reason. For me it is more of an experiment. I am designing and conducting an experiment on the question of whether or not a tarot card reader could predict the outcome of a game or sports competition, political election or even a horse race with at least 75% accuracy.

In analyzing this, the question of how tarot divination might actually work or how a reader extracts any information at all from tarot cards becomes the question. Are the answers the reader is getting just something they created in their own mind or are they getting new and real information? The answer to this will vary from one point of view to another and from one card reader’s method or system to another.

In predicting the winner of a horse race, for example, how connected is the reader to the animals themselves, or to the owners or people involved in the horse racing business in general?

Think of how information flows from one person to another in the physical world. Sometimes the word of mouth is faster and more accurate than the local newspaper or the nightly news. With the Internet, we can hear or watch news unfold on Twitter or Facebook sometimes days before it ever gets on the television’s nightly news.

The sources we are using for our conscious awareness or information seem to be invisible at times. Psychics will sometimes say or feel that they get information from an invisible spirit personality or from their ancestors. Others claim to get pictures and information from animals.

In the physical world, we learn from each other, from books, and from the Internet. Every person in our lives that we have any kind of connection to or relationship with becomes a vast source of information, which is both apparent and invisible, even if we don’t realize it. If we want to know something, we go to the people who might know and we question them. We call it “picking their brain.” There is a constant exchange of information happening around us on all levels. Our human brains cannot consciously process all of it but it is there.

We can go to a search engine and type a question or single word and vast amounts of information pop up on the screen. There are computer programs and web bots that scan the entire Internet for “meta data” and news and they are being used to predict growing trends and even likely future events.

So the question is, when you do a tarot reading and you ask a particular question, can you get an accurate answer and if so, how is that possible and where is this information actually coming from?

I am going to extrapolate that it would depend on the what the question is and who you are asking, just like in your daily physical world. (For example I just used the word “extrapolate” and I was not quite sure I was using the right word. It felt right, yet I don’t know where that word came from, it just sounded like it fit in the sentence, so I used it. So, to check my word usage, I went to google and typed in “extrapolate” to see what it means. One of the meanings I got was: “to estimate or conclude (something) by extrapolating.” That does sound like what I was trying to say, so I have used the word correctly. I probably would not have asked a ten year old child for the meaning of that word, but I knew I could find the answer by using google. If google had not been available I may have looked the word up in a dictionary.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that if you are asking a question, you should consider who you are asking. Where are the answers coming from and can you trust them? In reading the tarot, or using your intuition, you are relaying the question to yourself or perhaps to your higher self, or to your spirit guide or guides, or whoever you feel you are getting your information from, but compared to the entire consciousness of the universe, this could be a small and limited source which may not have the answers you seek. If that is the case, then your source might reach out and find the answers for you by making connections with other sources. It is at this point where you want to place your faith in your primary first source (or higher self) to make the right connections and to find the information or answers.

The only glitch in this process is that your higher self source may decide that having this information is not going to contribute to your life experience and may even be detrimental to you. If this happens, you may not receive the information. You may receive something better. However, in many ways, you, as a physical being, do have a huge decision making power and if you strongly insist or persist in having this experience or having this information you may get it anyway and if it is detrimental to you, it will become part of your life experience and perhaps a valuable experience will be gained or a lesson will be learned. (Your director will allow you to make “mistakes” over again and again until you learn from them.)

To get back on track, the experiment, is to find out if a tarot card reader can predict with a minimum of 75% accuracy, the outcome of a sporting game, Election, horse race, or any other competition and if so, what are the logical first steps in developing such a system for doing this.

The first step I believe, would be to make contact with or develop a connection to, or relationship with the source (or sources) who have first hand and/or inside information about the subject, sport, competition or race. The preferred kind of contact would be real physical contact with the sources or person(s) even if only very briefly. The second method of contact would be to focus on a particular source and attempt to, or request to make contact with them via subconscious connection.

So the first step is to seek and identify or find your information sources and make contact with them. Once you have identified and made contact with the information source, communication on both the conscious and/or subconscious level will be established. Realize that your first source of contact is your higher self or higher mind, who will help guide you to the new sources or will find and connect with sources outside of your conscious and/or physical reach.

Your job is to remain alert for the incoming connections (people) and any other incoming information sources. Once firm connections have been established, your higher self can gleen information from these sources via subconscious channels. This information will come to you not only while reading the cards but by other daily experiences and messages. The cards are simply a communication tool.

I will write more on this expeiment later in part two. Think of it as the development of a specific system designed for predicting outcomes in competitions, sports, games and elections etc.

Note: this is an experiment in progress. Beginning July 3, 2014.

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